Flat Earth Stickers website up & running

in flatearth •  9 months ago

Hi, F.E.P.E.

Check out the Flat Earth Parody Logo & Patches stickers on http://flatearthstickers.com
1 Euro per piece
A 30% discount on the 100 pcs Mix Pack and free shipping for all the orders above 50$, anywhere in the world.

MIX PACk-01.jpg

All vector artwork available as FREE DOWNLOAD on Gumroad as well.
Create awesome meme-products for your flat earth store online. Be sure to subscribe, in order to be updated with my latest work.

#ParadigmShiftOps #Globexit

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Can the same process be done multiple times on the same post? In different days, of course.
I have tried that quite a few times, but my post was not re-steemed. Thank you!


Hi there, you can only resteem a post once. It'll be resteemed as soon as you use the URL, and the vote will come within 2 hours.


Thank you!