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in flatearth •  2 years ago 

Wikipedia has recently removed the Pythagorean proof of curvature for a ball chart from all Wikipedia pages and are now petitioning to remove it from Wikimedia Commons.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.47.16 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.46.28 AM.png

If we lived on a ball, why were we never told the formula for the curvature and why is it being removed from all their domains? 🤔

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Hmm, yes, good question, why is an image whose copyright is disputed being taken down from a website that has a policy against infringing people's copyright... oh, yes, it must be because the Earth is flat! Seriously, do you people even listen to yourselves talk?

I never said this proves the earth being flat...still waiting for a real image of your santa ball.

Maybe start with the real Blue Marble that spawned all the photoshopped reproductions that you guys are so fond of?

Wait you realize that's not a photograph right? Why has the ISS never turned their camera 360 degrees and show us the earth instead of recklessly playing with water inside the ISS with all their laptops from the 1990's??

Did you even read any of the words in my comment besides "Blue" and "Marble"? Because my comment was already a response to the "the famous Blue Marble is a photoshop" canard that you're referring to. Maybe read it again, or skim the wiki article I linked if you still don't get it.

And there's tonnes of footage of Earth from the ISS. Just this evening I saw another flat-Earther complaining about the fact that the livestream of Earth from the ISS is of livestream-tier video quality.

Yea I read your comment correctly I was asking you for an IMAGE of the earth not a CGI composite.

I'm not debating this with some sock account with no posts.

The composites are reproductions of an original, The original is a real photograph. How is this not getting through to you?

My account is six months older than yours, but if you want to call it a sock as an excuse not to properly respond, go ahead.

I like socks.
But I like bare feet in flip flops too.

Just reading the threads and all the comments folks.
don't throw stones at me. I am just looking for both sides of the coin or hemispheres. What ever the case may be.

Either way I know NASA is a Puppet Show and the arrogance of humans will never let us actually fold time.

Just my two STEEMS Worth.

Why would anyone need reproductions of the original?

"It's the most reproduced IMAGE in history." Paintings don't prove curvature, Brosephina.

I totally agree! NASA is full of lies, just research Stanley Kubrick:)))

Excellent post. Thanks for the follow, followed you right back @rishherbalist.

Appreciate that much love!

FLATRTH Arizona.......Live the Golden Rule.

Right on brother 😎

Great post! I agree completely, something fishy is going on here. This is just one of many puzzle pieces that doesn't fit in at all with their heliocentric model, but I guess some people won't do enough research. Please keep this good work up, you have my full support!

Thanks bro!

If flat earth was so crazy it would of easily been debunked by now don't ya think !

Yep! Many people try, but the evidence is so altered, and no one truly can debunk it. Sceptics simply refuse to believe it and are mainly hurt by their severe cognitive dissonance.

the globelings are in trouble lol. keep up the good work! upvoted , stay flat !

Thanks bro!! You got it 💪


Their credibility was low now it's gone 😂

Excellent post, It's now on Steemit, resteemed

Thanks bro!! Glad to see you stop by!

You can find the curvature for a circle anywhere, stop being such a flathead.

so true, you can see the curvature of the horizont and when you are approaching a object its always the top that get visible first. SMH

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