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Another "Real-World", Globe-debunking proof has recently been uncovered, as a result of Exalt Wireless, successfully installing their product called, "ExploreAir", which is a LINE-OF -SIGHT microwave transmission platform, between the coasts of Beirut and Cyprus.

Claiming to potentially be a new World Record, this LINE-OF-SIGHT, microwave link, is essentially a straight line over the Mediterranean Sea, stretching 146 miles (approx 235km), end to end, on mounts less than 50 feet tall at each side.

This is a fantastic achievement, especially if you consider the fact that it's completely IMPOSSIBLE to achieve a LINE-OF-SIGHT connection at 147.5 miles away if we actually lived on a GLOBE, whose reported dimensions required it to curve 8 inches per mile squared.

According to even the most generous Meta-Bunk calculations, there should be at least three miles of curvature at that distance, making a LINE-OF-SIGHT connection, simply impossiBALL. :)

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Awesome article. Thank you for your service to others! #flatearththe globe is dead.jpg

I've done a few microwave shots over 150 miles too. We used Troposcatter. If the world was flat we wouldn't have had to do the Tropo shot then.


So you are saying what? I am confused.

Recently, Aviat Networks and our agent, Telecomunicaciones y Sistemas S.A. (TELSSA), deployed an Eclipse microwave link for Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services (COCESNA) in Honduras that crosses over 193 km, most of which is over water. With careful design and installation, this link is now operating successfully.

Please explain:

  • Why gravitational surface acceleration varies along the surface of the Earth and with altitude
  • Why I can literally take a picture of the ocean front 1000 feet up and measure AND SEE the curvature of Earth by drawing a line through the picture on a computer
  • How exactly an Earth mass of flat rock is stable
  • Why I can't send radio signals directly from Los Angeles to Moscow
  • Why I can send radio signals from Los Angeles to Moscow by bouncing them off of the obviously spherical ionosphere
  • Why I can predict the orbits of satellites using only the law of gravity and math, and accurately determine when they will pass over, if their orbits depends on the curvature of Earth
  • How some Greek philosopher could figure out that the earth was round thousands of years ago by realizing that some shadows looked different but you can't figure it out despite having access to more information than any other time period in the history of humanity

Of course it's flat - after all, it is all just a simulation!