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If we live in a non-vaulted atmosphere with a vacuum state outside our atmosphere, why doesn't the vacuum tear up our atmosphere? Can a non-vaulted atmosphere coexist with a vacuum be recreated in a lab?

Can we ever bend water in it's leveled state? How is it that water bends on the so called, sphere of the earth? Can we bend leveled water in a lab?

If the earth's water can stick to a globe earth by way of gravity, can we recreate that in a lab? Has anyone recreated a sphere with it's own gravity so that water can stick to it?

If we are spinning at a rate of a thousand miles an hour at the equator, why is not all the water at the equator?

If the moon is a sphere and is spinning like the earth, why is it that we only see one side of the moon?

Also if the moon light is a reflection of the sunlight, why is the light of the moon cooler in it's light than in it's shade?

If these questions are too hard for the scientists and can not be recreated in the lab, shouldn't we question that which we have been taught?

Maybe we should look into ancient writings like in the scriptures that seems to be ignored by today's scientists and see if those can be recreated in the labs?

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Thank you, David.
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Thank you @david777111

Well thats too much for my mind lol But I can tell you that many things we learned in science or history are different than the reality or better to say not true :)

Yes, very much not true of all those things they tried to teach us. Thank you @hanen!

  • The weight of the air molecules pulling it down towards Earth and the atmospheric pressure pushing it out into space is at equilibrium.

  • I don't know what "vaulted" is supposed to mean here (what do arches have to do with anything?) but the relevant principles can be shown by laboratory experiment.

  • Water in a rotating tank takes on a parabolic shape, due to centrifugal force. It does not magically stay level regardless of what forces are there, it takes a shape determined by the forces acting on it, which in the case of the Earth's oceans is mostly gravity.

  • The centrifugal force from rotating once per day is not that big, even if the resulting lateral velocity is high.

  • It's tidally locked. If it was stationary, we would see a different side of the moon once a month.

  • It isn't, light being cooler than shade is impossible.

  • Everyone should question what they're taught, and science encourages this, but some people end up going down confused paths and come back asking really dumb questions like "why is moonlight cooler than shade?"

  • It sure would be interesting to see if anything in the scriptures suggests an experiment that can be performed in a laboratory, but it would probably just look like fedora-tipping atheists flogging a dead horse.

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