John Dee & Gerardus Mercator: The Architects of The Globe Deception? #flatearth

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There is a reason why I call the Master Illusionists who created the Globe Deception the "Wizards of Oz." Here is John Dee, performing an experiment before Queen Elizabeth I :

( by Henry Gillard Glindoni)

John Dee was known in his day as “the Queen’s conjuror" and promoted mathematics, astronomy, magic, and laying the foundation of modern science. He also made advances in navigation and optics that would position England as the world's foremost imperial power.

Dee, who signed his letters as“007,” even invented the idea of a “British Empire.”

He spent years constructing a magical system for communicating with angels.


From this, he "received" a language which he called "Enochian." The "Enochian Keys" are used today in the New Age ritual magic of Wicca, Thelema, and Satanism. It is thought by modern occultists that John Dee was given the tools to dominate the Globe.


"Gerardus Mercator (/dʒəˈrɑːrdəs mərˈkeɪtər/;[1][2][3] 5 March 1512 – 2 December 1594)[4] was a 16th-century German-Flemish cartographer, geographer and cosmographer. He was renowned for creating the 1569 world map based on a new projection which represented sailing courses of constant bearing (rhumb lines) as straight lines—an innovation that is still employed in nautical charts." --

In 1547 Mercator was visited by John Dee and their friendship lasted throughout their lives. Dee, having trained many of those who would conduct England's voyages of discovery, " ...he studied closely with Gerardus Mercator, and he owned an important collection of maps, globes and astronomical instruments. He developed new instruments as well as special navigational techniques for use in polar regions. Dee served as an advisor to the English voyages of discovery, and personally selected pilots and trained them in navigation." ----

John Dee's goal was to help bring forth a" unified world religion through the healing of the breach of the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches and the recapture of the pure theology of the ancients."

"The Gregorian calendar was accepted throughout the Roman catholic world, though usually at a different time than that envisaged in the papal bull and by civil decree. Most protestant countries rejected it, as they rejected the authority of the church of Rome.

"There was considerable controversy over the new calendar, and in lands where protestants and catholics were intermingled it caused great trouble and the disputes over the calender were notorious. Some of the problems became known to English diplomats and privy counsellors, particularly secretary of state Walsingham, who received a copy of the bull in diplomatic correspondence. Walsingham passed a copy of the papal bull and calendar to the court magus, John Dee, and asked him, on behalf of the privy council, for his opinion.

The theme of harmony between the civil and natural orders suffuses Dee's work. In The Mathematical Preface (1570), Dee had divided creation into the terrestrial world, which consisted of things physical, and the heavenly world, which consisted of things transcendent; number and mathematics occupied an intermediate place, being at once both definite and intangible. Numbering thus held the key to creation.

Dee quoted the nineteenth psalm: "The Heauens declare the glory of God, and the Firmament sheweth forth the workes of his handes" ----John Dee and the English Calendar: Science, Religion and Empire
by Dr Robert Poole, St Martin's College, Lancaster

  1. John Dee and Gerardus Mercator worked/ researched together.
  2. Dee has been credited with the popularisation, and one of the earliest uses, of the term "British empire"
  3. Dee had supposedly learnd the language of the angels and was given "keys" to "dominate" the world.

IF, as I contend, that Heliocentrism is the Roman Church's polytheistic, astrotheological fertility cult dressed up like Science, THEN John Dee is the one who made it possible. Moreover, if I am correct, THEN the Globe is an Occult Instrument, not a Map, but is in fact a PRISON for the human body, mind, and soul.
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lolz, I love how you knuckleheads have to dredge up stuff from the 15th century. Science has progressed a bit since then, you know. You wonderful religious people were burning witches back then, remember? Ah, the good old days when heretics were tortured and killed. :-)

The globe is not a map. A map is flat. A globe is a 3 dimensional object, much like the earth.


Whos burning who bruh? Religion deniers back then were called witches, satanists etc. and were burned by "faithists"... Modern day deniers of the globe are called "conspiracy theorists" by people like you. Do you see the analogy?


First off, science isn't burning anyone. Never has, never will.

I don't call flatheads conspiracy theorists. I call them delusional. When you deny reality, you are, in fact, delusional.

Not to say that flatheads can't also be conspiracy theorists, in fact most of them are...