Lead Developer At Google Earth Believes Earth Is Flat

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Lead developer at Google has stirred some trouble by claiming the earth his flat. Thomas Wilkinson, 29 has been working for the company for 7 years and is in charge of strategy and operations at Google Earth. Wilkinson is the team leader of ten engineers and is tasked with overseeing the general functions of the Google Earth software.

Wilkinson made a post on twitter questioning official theories and claims:

“Everything in this world is theory. From black holes to the roundness of the earth.”

He also made post denouncing modern science, Google, and NASA confirming his stance.

“As a lead Google developer for over seven years it is my responsibility to finally address our terrestrial landscape”

In a blog post he linked says:

“After years of diligent study and intent work I have concluded there is no way the world can be spherical. Given how our data at Google has never matched up to NASA’s data, and given how modern technology simply cannot measure the magnitude of such a planet, we can never really be guaranteed the earth is spherical. The truth is, this idea is so ingrained in our culture that no one questions it. Well, I’m questioning it.”

And this tweet and post didn't come without a price. Following his tweet and blog post Google has suspended Wilkinson to settle this situation internally.


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