CONGRATULATION @flamingirl for 8000+ Followers milestone reached!

in #flamingirl5 years ago

Hi Steemit Friends! I'm so excited to announce that @flamingirl have hit 8000+ followers and 5000+ post!

She is a good man's level of steemit and she doing good work.If we follow @flamingirl, we continue with the help of @flamingirl,it may be possible to succeed one day



I've made some pictures @flamingirl.I think you really like it.




Something about my Steem journey and how much Steem means to me

I'm a boy of very poor families. When I first came here, I left it after working for a while. I did not have any money to invest here. I work hard here. I progressed slowly and I chose it as my profession
We have got many things here and learned a lot. Here are a lot of good people who are teaching us and constantly teaching us. We will be grateful to them.



OMG!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for your special post!!!!!!
It really touches me! Thank you for the efforts!!!
I follow you and support you =)

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