Flamenco...When the East meets the West in gypsy music 🎸💃

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When we turn the pages of history to find out the cause of the origin and the legacy of some music, we find that the first real reason is persecution and music, singing and dancing, but tools to demand freedom and get rid of the evil of slavery. The ancient Spanish art is one of the types of music that began as a combination of the grief and suffering of defeated (and Muslim) peoples with transient peoples (the Roma from northern India) and finally the Spaniards themselves (who were ruled by an unjust king called Ferdinandvi) The people of Spain are all of their religion and unite under his Catholic religion).

Thus, Flamenco music has historically formed a mixture of different cultures and harmonious tones that proclaim themselves lovingly. When you listen to the guitarist beating his strings, you find that the music is based on basic oriental notes, while the rest of the epic contains regular gypsy poetry that tells the injustice and explains the human suffering that each of them lives.

Flamenco declared itself in the 18th century. Although many details of its evolution are missing today, most studies indicate that this art is associated with Roma and other cultures that coexisted in the region, including the Morseque culture of Arab Islamic origin as well as local Spanish culture.

 Evolved thanks to the jurisprudence of the Roma who did not abandon him or their languages and culture of origin during their travels across the Andalusia and other countries, they brought their own music to blend with what is in the country that embraced them.Flamenco still retains signs of its eastern origins, such as the larynx of singing and the eastern character of musical composition, which is based on Arabic harmonica, as is common in Arabic playing on oud and other instruments that give tunes and halves. The similarity between the flamenco And the stands of Arabic singing are prominent.


👉Spanish Flamenco song( Flamenco Fuego)

👉Arabic Flamenco song( Serine hamemi)


The mix did not stop at that point, but the effect of flamenco between the Arabian and Gypsy sea was rippled. The more we get into the details of Flamenco in terms of music composition and the word, we find that some historians like Plus Infinity delayed the meaning of "Flamenco" of an Arab origin, "a peasant of you." Some also said that "Ole - Ole" is the word spoken by the Flamenco audience to their extreme admiration for the show and the music in the form of screams, in fact, "God" was influenced by the Marxists but changed over time to "Oli".

Historians and scholars have differed in the rooting of the Flamenco name. There are those who attribute it to the pink flamenco dancer and others who refer it to the Arabic word "agrarian peasant" or "peasant of you." According to Pelos Infante, "peasant mango" is a "landless peasant," the Maurice peasants who were persecuted They became without land and merged with the Roma and established flamenco as a manifestation of the pain that people feel after the destruction of their culture.

Flamenco does not end here. It is only complete with the flamenco dancers, those who proclaim a revolution against pain when they hit their feet on the ground and then move their hands about life and freedom. Here we see that flamenco dance is not about a romantic story as much as a great human epic ..

The dancer wears a bright, loose-fitting dress that resembles the gypsy dress, while the dancer wears a tight blue or white shirt and tight black trousers.

 The male and female wear strong shoes that make loud bangs as they hit the ground. Their forefathers wore high-heeled shoes to make the loud sound and put traditional hats on their heads that the dancers and singers no longer enjoy.It differs from the quiet, swaying dance, such as Oriental or classical dance, in which the flamenco dancer relies on her physical strength, as well as the movements of her arms and violently, which translates the revolution into restraints.

The performance of the dancer differs with some violent movements in the dancer who strongly express this violence, making the skilled dancer impressive despite his secondary position in the dance ceremony under the dominant position of the woman, the flamenco dancer expresses her pride and pride through the arms movement

The feet are translated into their inner senses with quick and powerful movements such as applause, beatings with feet, rapid enrichment of the body, and an important humility in all rhythms. The dancer relies on the movement of the limbs (hands and feet). This movement does not tend to be wasted and romantic as it tends towards dynamic or dynamic escalation Growing.🎸


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