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I tried to wait for a STEEM price bounce back. That was a mistake. I apologize for not updating this sooner.

Unfortunately the drop in STEEM price has made it so my delegation no longer gives me $0.50 at 100% voting power.

I have tried doing lower voting amounts before and it just didn't work for me.

So as of right now I am closing Flagship.

I will be refunding all outstanding submissions in the queue today. And then once a day until Friday I will refund all submissions that come in.

After Friday I will not be refunding any more submissions.

Loved running this service while it was possible but at this price unfortunately it is not possible.

Good luck to everyone on Steemit! I will continue to be a daily user and creator on Steemit through my other accounts.

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Instead of closing you can do what is decrease the percentage to 200%

Hi @sourovafrin. While I appreciate your support and this suggestion unfortunately even if I did that I still cannot get enough votes each day right now to make the delegation work. I don't mind paying some of the delegation fees myself but this last month I had to pay 80% myself and the month coming up would be 90%+. That is just not worth it.

cc: @ronaldoavelino, shortsegments

I understand your problem.
Ok, then come back your service when steem price jump a bit.
Till then take some rest.

Thank you for running this service, if you can reopen at 200% I would still use your service.

Sorry to see you go. If you come back, please let us know.

This is sad news for all of us. If flagship back in business let us know! We will be very happy about this!

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