HF21 Training- Please flag this post!

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As of HF21 we all get free flags. Everyone around here will have the ability to flag stuff they think sucks. Unfortunately when you put everyone in one bucket it turns out what sucks is really subjective. For the people that love memes they find memes great. For the people that see this as a blogging space they think it's a shitpost. One man's shitpost is a another man's treasure (sorry ladies, furries, and everyone else for excluding you in this previous sentence).

So, look. It's likely you'll catch fewer flags in the tribes and communities if you're using tags correctly, but if you're using them incorrectly it'll probably go up.

What to do if you're flagged?


  1. ignore it
  2. get stark raving mad and write an entitled post about it
  3. revenge flag all of their accounts
  4. write a post describing the flag without entitlement sharing why their opinion flagging is shitty

I suggest the last option, but over the next 2 months I imagine we'll see many of them.


If you don't know what a mad lib is it's probably because you're a (insult).

See what I did there? A mad lib is a silly paragraph or article that has some fill in the blanks to make a silly paragraph.

Let's try this one of how to a "I got flagged" post incorrectly

Dear (term involving a curse word),

Are you fucking serious right now? My post on (random topic) is literally the most (adjective) post about (random topic, but more specific) in the entire (geographical location. You seriously have to be (insult) to not realize how fucking (uplifitng self aggrandizement) I am.

I'm going to find you and I'm going to (verb) you. I'm also going to (verb) your (family member) and pet (animal).

May you suffer from (sexually transmitted disease) for the rest of your (term for meaningless) blogging career.

How dare you flag me! Eat my (sexualized noun).

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Dear pigeon-fucker,

Are you fucking serious right now? My post on the truth about Epstein & aliens is literally the most big truthy post about conspiracies & hidden cults in the entire cayman islands. You seriously have to be smooth brained to not realize how fucking great at sex I am.

I'm going to find you and I'm going to race you. I'm also going to love your uncle and pet iguana.

May you suffer from super aids for the rest of your planck blogging career.

How dare you flag me! Eat my male g-spot.

this felt good

Hahaha :)


I looked twice. Read it twice. The first time, I laughed and when I read it for the second time, it made perfect sense. I like your ironic approach.

Words spoken in "jest" often have more impact.

HF21 is going to be interesting and I say that from the perspective of a minnow who tries to keep her nose clean and still gets downvotes - for no apparent reason and/or for making a factual remark on a witness's post. These last were from accounts that suddenly had a lot of SP so the downvotes had a substantial impact on my meagre earnings. Oh well...

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This will be great for onboarding the masses

I sure hope so! I think it will help for sure!

I tried to flag this post but Partiko doesn’t have the flag option.

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Partiko shows it as downvote

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Actually you have to click report and then Flag as Inappropriate content. It’s not very clear.

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I am pretty sure that downvote and flag are very much the same thing.

I just reported this with Partiko.

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I did it XD Oh gosh. It feels so wrong lol

YES! YES! Let the flag flow through you!!!!

Damn... you beat me to the star wars reference. time to bring out the big memes


Don't forget a brand-new white Mercedes 2001
SEL limited edition. Moonroof, all-leather interior.
I got it at a good price. I paid cash. My cousin Prince Murray has
a dealership.

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Madlib 😎

  • Cuntbucket
  • cats
  • titillating
  • cat birthdays
  • more vacuous than ALL OF SPACE
  • fabulous
  • cut
  • draw caricatures of
  • Aunt Rhonda
  • Bird
  • the clap
  • insignificant
  • outhole

Don’t tell me what to do!

Flagged for disagreement of furries.

I can count with two hands how often I flagged someone since two years Steemit. This needs more training ;)


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Everyone around here will have the ability to flag stuff they think sucks.

And that is the problem with the steemit flag system. If and when the flagging system is ever fixed, I may or may not choose to finally participate in flags.

  • Disagreement on rewards

That is the very first thing on the why to flag short list. No flag will ever fix that problem until they fix the flag problem. Vote Bots exist, if people did not want them around they would flag each and every post/comment a vote bot makes. People don't.

Flags are nothing more than a tool to continue to repress people and to prevent alternative views from being rewarded.

An author of a post has very little control over who votes for their post unless they are buying votes. If they bot votes and people believe that it is over valued, then yes the mental anguish/pain, monetary hit, and destruction of a carefully built up Steemit Reputation should go on the buyer.

If an Authors post is selected by several curation groups and people decide the post is over valued, tell me exactly why their steemit reputation should be trashed by down votes. Why they should have to suffer the mental anguish/pain caused by the down vote. The value can be removed from a post with a fix to the down vote system, but it will not be fixed it will always be a broken system that favors the large investor.

Simple fix: Down vote flag button is pushed, choose post or vote to down vote. If post then comment why and push enter. If vote; pick vote to trash, push enter, the voter has no need of knowing who down voted his overly generous gift. Reward removed, Authors reputation remains intact, and the overly zealous voter reputation may or may not take a hit.

'This is madness' as the Persian would say. Whom do you wanna reach with this message?

i cant do it u took all the rewards!!!! cries

i obviously have never downvoted on steempeak...

Sometimes flags just come. There is NO COMMENT! The DOWNVOTE FLAG should be eliminated... NO UpVote is better, especially if there is a comment explaining why in all good conscience I am not upvoting!

Otherwise, it only enables revenge DOWNVOTE FLAGGING! ...It is still happening!

Remember, Steem user accounts are anonymous which is what nefarious characters will use to go after content, good or bad, they have vengeance as the goal.

Oh man, I feel like I love you, but you asked for it, so I obey!

Oh man, I feel like
I love you, but you asked for
It, so I obey!

                 - monster-one

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Haha.. I cracked up! Infact I was about to flag you after reading the title. But ended up upvoting it. After HF21 I will find myself in ecstasy as I'll be able to flag many shitposts at the cost of my new posts!

So I’m on partiko and can’t even figure out how to flag you.

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can i really do that? I feel so wrong and unfamiliar.
i get you a beer instead.


Lol, well said 😜

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I flagged this post positively with an upvote =) LOL It felt like the right training too...

I flagged the post. Felt good doing this. Like its my first ever flag.

I fell off my seat laughing, reading the madlibs! Hilarious post man!

I can't afford to flag such kind of great post. But I want to support. So how about this one?

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