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RE: The Flag Ring

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I was just starting to compile a list myself, might as well hand it over:
These are all auto-flag accounts. One thing to note, he, she, it, is using links to other innocent Steemians in their profile page, I assume to have people turn against them. No need to panic, these are 15 SP accounts and their VP is blown out. No harm done except for the annoyance.



@charlesdeherstal is the one that got me, same deal, 15 SP 8% VP

Yep, and since they're all 25 rep, it's just a fart in the wind.

Added two we didn't have, thanks.

Same one as got @senstless flagged me a few days ago,

@zorralarousse is another one, it use the same scheme

On the list. I just added that list into the post here for everyone.