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You know, one of my flaws as a person is that I hold grudges. But Jesus Christ...making 70 accounts?!? At least my grudges are against people I know irl, and I've never gone that far off the deep end.

How does one even get 70 accounts? I suppose he buys them?

And actually, I may have some very interesting insight about this. I work some online, in particular on a site called Microworkers, to make some money on the side. There was some guy on there who was paying people to create, and then turn over the passwords for, Steemit accounts. I think he got up to about 70-90 before they shut it down. I'll look into it and see if there are any records remaining.

Update: @guiltyparties I think I have something really good here. I have screenshots and an explanation of this job on Microworkers. The timing, number of accounts made, and the country the user is from all add up. I am almost certain this is how the Steemit "Defense" League accounts were made:


I just saw your post, that's very interesting. That's going way beyond the usual account spawning with free numbers and emails. That's also a new level of laziness amongst assholes.

I was curious as to how they made so many accounts, since Steemit takes 1-2 weeks to approve you, unless you pay. idk how much Steemit charges, but they sure had a lot of money to make a crap ton of account to flag people

Well @aaliyahholt if you see my latest article I think I have a pretty good explanation for how the accounts could be made quickly and cheaply. Microworkers doesn't charge that much (although they technically don't allow campaigns to pay people to turn over existing account login info, this guy got away with it for a while before being caught). It still would have cost him some money, but we are probably talking less than $100 total. Maybe even less than $50. I believe to make an alt on Steemit (officially) it costs 5 SBD, or maybe 5 Steem. Either way that would be many times more expensive than the Microworkers campaign I found.

I saw what you meant about the Microworkers, this was saying before I found your posts, how were these people able to create so many accounts just to down vote people.

To create these accounts all you need is a phone number and email address, both of which can be gotten for free. The guy just has nothing better to do and is a douchebag.

I had to use my mom's phone when I made my backup account. I don't see how they got so many e-mails and phone numbers, how the obtained them so quickly. I guess when you go after someone, you don't care about the means to get to it