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RE: The Flag Ring

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Thank you for posting about this. As a relative newbie around these parts I was gutted to receive a flag from one of these accounts, and then a second one the following day. Luckily I've been a part of the WelcomeWagon and they were able to fill me in on it a bit so that I knew it wasn't me doing anything wrong...

I'd really encourage anyone here who are mentoring / looking after / encouraging newbies in anyway to pass this info onto them if you can - it's not so much a worry about the rewards us newbies have, but the fear of having inadvertently got something wrong or upset someone. It's a knock to the confidence and may result in a few of the more timid new users bowing-out. And that really is a sad and damaging result these flags can have.

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Exactly this. All new users should know that a random flag is just trash to be forgotten and shouldn't dissuade them from using the platform.