My Favorite Reggae Song For The "Mega JAHM Drop Airdrop"

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If you are new to "Reggae Steem" you may not have heard about the upcoming airdrop. The drop will occur on heroes day or Monday October 21st, 2019.

All you need to do to participate in the drop is to post your favorite reggae song and include a link to the YouTube, Vimeo, or DTube song.

They are all asking that you include the tag "'Fiwi" in your post (so they will be able to easily find your song).

Here is the link to their announcement just in case you missed it . . .

My favorite reggae song to date is "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley. To me it captures the essence of reggae music (which is to TRULY appreciate the small things in life).

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I've resteemed / rereggae this.

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HI Chroniccoin, I've noticed you set up automated voting on many authors using the #jahm tag where they often post low quality and immediately dump their jahm rewards. Can you reconsider enabling these people to abuse the rewards pool by removing your automated vote?

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Sure can. I will contact you via discord so you can let me know who they are.

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@chroniccoin, Good luck and Bob Marley was and is expression of music.

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