Five Reasons For War

in #fivereasonsforwar3 years ago

Getting on this name five kick. I thought it important to name five reasons for war. In my best Jed Clampet voice; “ World war 3 hat is” If we are going to casually slip into a war that will effect us all significantly. If we are going to go there. Then we must have reasons why. I will attempt to come up with five. Add yours. @fivereasonsforwar

  1. not enough excitement, I want to feel it like in the movies, but In real life.
  2. A fresh start. When all is said and done there will be so much opportunity for the survivors
  3. Tired of people spouting off. Time our government set things strait and took real action.
  4. There are too many people in the world
    5 Those “other” people are “evil”

Sorry that’s the best I could come up with. Please help make the path ahead clear.



What a shit post! 10/10

Is that in like good shit or bad?

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