Five Days Of Drawing Rabbits, Delivery


It is mid day now for Horatio the father rabbit.
There are a few deliveries left on his list.
He is quick though and could make it before lunch time.
Soon he will be home to eat with his family.
His wife Gertrude had prepared a sumptuous meal for everyone

Hi my friends, I am back with another cute character that I created today. He is Horatio the father of the bunny family. I already posted about Gertrude his wife on day 1 and their eldest on day 2. Yesterday it was the twins.

Now it's time to show some work in progress photos :

I don't have a plan made, when I sit to start creating. Today I thought I would draw a father rabbit because that is the only one lacking to complete a family. This line drawing shows a rabbit on the go. I want to show a working rabbit.

Deciding on the color palette is not easy for this character because I already used all the colors I see appropriate on my previous drawings. I don't want them looking all the same. A light brown for the coat and purple for the delivery bag.

The last part I must say is the easiest to do. Adding finishing touches like the source of light, some shadows and texture like fine furs. Hope you enjoyed reading my post

If you want to participate in this fun challenge you may visit the Draw A Day Community and see the daily drawing prompts. While you are at it might as well subscribe, engage and have fun.

I can't wait to see your entries.

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