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Today's Challenge Completed

  • 2 hour walk (7 miles)

My Assessment

I went to Guildford to visit my brother and sister in-law. They live in a beautiful part of Surrey, South England amongst the rolling countryside and Georgian style houses.

The sun was shining like it has been all week, so we went on a lovely walk through woodlands and over the hills.

Within the woodland the bluebells were so pretty (I have a little video on my instagram stories). I am loving the Spring time because all the flowers are starting to show as well as all the buds on the trees which have been naked all winter!

My sister-in-law was telling me how the local Lulu Lemon store organise a yoga and hike several times during the summertime where they hike up to a beautiful viewpoint on a grassy hill and then complete an hour of yoga as the sun sets. This sounds like such a wonderful idea that I may adopt it to where I am living at the moment (I also live in rural countryside but in South West England).

We managed to finish the walk just before the rain came. Later that evening there were huge thunder and lightening storms flashing through the skies. It must have been a build up from all the sunshine we have had all week!


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  • 30 minutes of fitness walking, running, spinning, biking, cross-country skiing, etc., can count as 100 reps if you need to rest or can't use weights.
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Wishing you a successful and energetic workout!

Namaste x


P.S. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" ~ Lao Tzu





well. good job! keep it this way. I will follow you to see your progress