Running for gold

in fitnesschallenge •  11 months ago

No excuses! The white snow landscape is waiting for me to accomplish my daily #fitnesschallenge - 300 reps. Today’s cross country lap was a good experience for body and mind. Snow soft as powder. Good glide. Friendly people. Even the drivers were in a good mood and letting me cross the road - with my ski on! The sun showed up - a nice bonus.





Finally, congratulations to the Norwegian ski athletic Marit Bjørgen winning women’s 30 km tour today in Pyeongchang. The most medal winning through the ages 8/4/3 olympic medals.

All photos by @kristihh

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Nice story...

Så vakre bilder!


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Wow you must be pretty good! :) I don't know how to ski because I've never seen snow all my life but I'm enchanted and mesmerized by it.


Wow. I can’t imagine how life is without snow @dawnsheree - but I bet you have som other exiting “climate” experience we Scandinavians don’t have :)


Yes, loads! Hahah will share them soon. Got a little occupied and addicted with my travel trivia series.