Exit Skiing

in fitnesschallenge •  10 months ago

After a long wonderful and snowy winter season, its time to store my skis. My attempt today on the King’s fields here in the lowland in Oslo was a rather exhausting affair.


After one week in bed with the flu, I was eager to test the lap. It’s still snow, more than expected at this time of the year. The sun shines from a blue sky and the ski tracks are still visible.


But the snow is poor, and of varied quality. In places exposed to the sun, the snow is “rotten”, in places where the sun has less power, it’s icy. This means it’s impossible to pick the right ski wax. Therefore, this was a training tour characterized by one step forward and two back!


After one hour’s struggling, I had to give up my training project: to complete my daily #fitnesschallenge - 300 reps (hopefully, one hour's struggle makes 200 reps).

Still, I am happy for all the hours skiing this winter.
Now it’s time to prepare for the bike season.

Happy Easter from @kristihh


All img. by @kristihh

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