Brighter Days

in fitnesschallenge •  9 months ago

In Scandinavia the days are slowly turning brighter. I can feel some warmth from the sun - when it appears. Still, not much reminds me about the spring this day we write March 3rd. Normally, it should be possible to find a protected place to sit down relax and soak up the sun. “The beast from the east” doesn’t allow such activities. But there is no reason to complain. Today it’s “only” 6 Celsius below. The other day we had minus 16 blue degrees Celsius. That’s why I enjoy today’s cross country skiing in order to complete my daily #fitnesschallenge 300 reps




I wish you all a nice and healthy weekend

(Img. by me)

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That looks so peaceful. Glad someone can enjoy a lifestyle like that!


Thank you for encouraging me :)

Can't wait for spring to get here myself. The cold weather make my shoulders go higher than I like. A day or two is fine, but it's lasted for soo long this year.

Great job with your exercise and beautiful pictures!


Thank you! I tried to manipulate the pictures to look a little brighter than yesterday really was, but when I see them on my laptop screen it seems I didn't succeed :)


I couldn't tell, so I'd say you succeeded!