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I've been in the slumps lately even with a moderate effort to improve my outlook. I'm 30 years old now, and with that I think I've collected enough wisdom to know that if I want to have a great Summer, I have to work hard now. The trick is to get out of the winter slum as soon as you can! This year, I'm doing everything by myself!

Summer 2016

In the past two years, I put a great deal of effort into getting into shape. I bought my own barbell and bumper plates after becoming interested in Crossfit and Olympic lifting. My fitness levels were all over the place because both my diet and life circumstances were all over the place. I didn't care, for the first time I had fun working out by myself!

I taught myself all compound movements, even the snatch!

This is how 30 is different for me, I don't want to have an excuse anymore, even if there are tribulations along the way. I want to become the best I can be, and then find a wife! I've never wanted to be married until this year in my life. I think that changed once I met a few woman who had personalities that blew me away, they were very libertarian and were not the type to victimize themselves. As soon as I met them, I felt I became interested in woman again. I want someone of prime ministerial quality, who squats!

I felt proud to have a tan and be fit! Yes, that oil painting is of me :D

This is my first summer ever being a single male in over 10 years, so I'm going to have as much fun as possible. I want to get in the best shape of my life, get super tanned, and not have to work a single beautiful day indoors! I want to introduce myself to as many people as I can this year, and make many new friends!

I had a secret chill spot in my backyard behind a shed, I told nobody about this. I would meditate here before working out, and smoke weed here after. I would even urinate back here, but only after I was finished chilling.

This is the same spot, but with the tree's silhouette at night above. The light of my neighbours campfires would catch in umbra and glimmer, making it a great chill spot even at night.

Because I'm a single male I can decide when I want to sleep! My future wife will never disrupt me while I am sleeping, this will be in the contract. I really miss my cat!

I will return to this same spot again in the summer! This is at Balm Beach in Tiny, Ontario.

I'm off now to work on my next blog post where I make fresh juice from root vegetables using a juicer! I'm also going to get a good workout in while listening to my new Star Wars audible book! I also picked a new book up by Jordan Peterson that I like very much so far!

I hope you are in a better mood after reading this, all these photographs belong to me btw!

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Looking at the third picture, you gotta get yourself a wife as soon as possible.

This is awesome to see, it always inspires me to see people take control of their lives, and transform the mindset! The fitness journey has transformed my life, and brought me tons of happiness, and joy. Awesome post, I also love Dr. Jordan Peterson, he has gave me great wisdom as well.

Good personality and thanks for introducing yourself a little bit lol have a good day keep it up grow more well good wishes.

passion for living a friend's life. greetings introductions, I follow you, follow me also @rezachaisar

Keep it up sir! You are doing a good job getting fit and meeting new people.

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