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in fitness •  last year

Oh my gosh, another stair stepper post?

Yes. Another one.

Like my title says, why am I working harder than you?

You tell me why.

I’m a fat guy trying to make it eneryday. I work 8 hours a day. Need to make time to spend with the fiancé/puppers/friends/Fam. But I still make time.

During my break I do cardio. After work I do weight traiming. And I’m working just as hard at both.

My goal is to one day become my own boss. Do something in the fitness industry. It’s always been my dream. I got into a wreck when some lady hit me and I’ve made excuses since.

2 years of excuses.

But no more. Today I reminded myself what it was like to push until puking point. I even had these two ladies next to me who were hyping me up to push harder! It was amazing.

Well today I passed my time again...

Im almost down to 10 minutes on my 50 floor climb. Next week I’m going to do an endurance climb and see how far I can get. It won’t be timed but it’s going to suck.

If I can do it, you can too.

Come on now, I inow you can do it. I’m supporting you.

No excuses!!

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Being your own boss would be amazing, especially if it involved fitness. I'm rootin for you through the screen, you're killing it.


Thanks bro! I appreciate it! If I ever own my own gym, you'll have free access haha.