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in fitness •  last year

So today I was on a time crunch after work so I rushed and got a quick arm workout in.

For the day I did:
Curls-45 reps
Tricep dip-30 reps
21’s- 63 reps
Skull crushers-30 reps
Bicep isolation-40 reps
Cable pull downs- 30
Cable curls-30
Cable tricep extension-30

So if you’ve ever done any workout quickly, it becomes very taxing on you very fast. So you can bet that doing this in 40 mins was making me burn!

I could have chosen the easy path and not have gone, but like my slogan says....


Get up and get to work!!!
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Close call. Good job making it happen. You're better for it.


Thanks bro! Still a killer workout but got it done quick.