Release Stress whilst working with your Fascia - The Secrets and Chances to Perform & Look Better (Naked)

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How do you feel after a long day immovable in your office? How do you feel after repetitive workouts? Your fascia and your muscles might be tight, stiff and sore.

This physiological downgrade effects your inner relaxation as well as your feeling of being well. A positive influence is possible through the ability to release tension. Both facts are reciprocal influencing eachother. The tension in your fascia is controlled by the nervous system.

The more your fascia is flexible, the better you are able to move, feel less pain, activate more strength, have a better look and feel around your skin. Stress causes Stress. The stretchable elastin regresses in favour of the less stretchy collagen. It will be harder to move joints.

It might be suprising, that you will find the greatest amount of neural cells in the fascia and therefore the richest sensory organs are not eyes, nose, ears or skin. It is below the last-mentioned. So the fascia is not only the biggest sensory organ, but also responsible for our body matrix. Imagine a spiders net. It covers every organ, every muscle, every bone ecc. It conveys all information within the anatomy trains. That means for instance, that problems in your calves may be the origin of an upcoming backpain. If you understand the trains and stations of muscle chains, you will understand on how to benefit from the world of fascia. With other words: everything in your body is connected; to train isolated will not enable you to show a coordinated movement pattern. This will be dicussed in details in the next articles. So if you are interested in learning about the secret power within your body, follow me for more performance in your lifestyle.

A fascia is like every other organ. If you don’t use it, you will loose it. So start working out with the blackroll to squeeze the tissue. Like a sponge the old liquids will be drawn out and fresh liquids will be soaked in. So the fascial metabolism is refreshed. This is how you start before you exercise.

The small and big balls are perfect for focussed areas around the glutes. There is a small, but important muscle called piriformis, which is located underneath the buttocks. It may be responsible for lower back pain, hip or leg problems.

The double balls have a little hole for placing it right above the spine. It massages the musculus erector spinae, which is raising the spine. Both ball versions are helping you to relax the tension within the shoulder neck area.

The small ball and the small black roll is not only the right size for travelling. Their size is also great for working out the plantar fascia, right at the bettom of the foot.

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Your Coach Juliane

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