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Hello community of healthy people who want to Exercise and Earn, Motivate and Be Motivated, and Do It From Anywhere a video can be captured with a little space and light! Welcome, if you are brand new to the community! Don't be shy... post a video of yourself doing exercises and earn some upvotes!


Please, in the comment section below post video(s) as a Motivator doing the appropriate exercise (see Eniquette guidelines for basic format) and/or respond with posts/videos as a Motivatee for the community.
For these exercises, there is:
No minimum # of repetitions required
No minimum # of sets required
-unless a Motivator specifically states so in their post.
Please use (and get used to using) the starting/finishing validation/pass phrase as it is a deterrent against those who would not create original video content (Spam).

Starting Passphrase: "Just the beginning"

Finishing Passphrase: "Just the beginning"

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