Step challenge is on. 1000 steem prize pool! Day 24

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@rmsbodybuilding (garmin) 407857
@booster916 (garmin) 392254
@mindela18 (garmin) 242732
@Egidijus V (garmin) 214650
@digna (garmin) 212031
@zilva22 116151
@shashiprabha (actifit) 75157
@csharma (actifit) 55254
@stankus (garmin) 42800
@valdas (samsung) 30633
@emsonic 0


Let's make an announcement for the next week challenge rules.

You need to post the proof of steps from Monday 11/02/19(you can use any fitness tracker) in the discord channel. You will be given your own room to post the steps. If you have garmin tracker,please find me by nickname rmsbodybuilding.

The Prize pool is 1000 STEEM

  • 1st Place = 800 Steem
  • 2nd Place = 150 Steem
  • 3rd Place =50 Steem

To play the step Challenge you need to send me 100 Steem with a memo „ For the step challenge“

Just Join and have Fun and share 1000 Steem tips prize pool!!!

No Pay - No Play!

Good luck and let's have fun!!!

Sweat, breath, enjoy, share and upvote!

1000 Steem Share Pool!


Steps for sale

2000 steps

We have delicious pine cone jam!

Limited availability!!!
Made from Lithuanian forest pine cones.
The jam has a lot of health benefits

They are disappearing very quickly!!! Getting very low on the stock. All stock sold out- next week coming new stock!!! Be ready!

  • Used for the treatment of various diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.
  • Treats serious and dangerous diseases as pleurisy, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma.
  • Coniferous delicacy has analgesic qualities.
  • You can put to your tea and will make your tea smell amazing.
  • Treats pain and gums.
  • A jam from cones helps to normalize the health of the pancreas.
    -Treats cancers(prevent the weakness and loss of elasticity of blood vessels)
  • Pine coins was a food of dinosaurs!!!!
    Price - 30 Steem, plus delivery(+6steem)(shipping to UK only)

We have left only this jam.

Quince in the pine needle syrup


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