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Keeping our body in good physical condition is essential to have proper health, through the different exercise routines that exist we can avoid falling into excess fat or obesity, which can affect our performance in our day to day, making it impossible or hindering the execution of activities that previously seemed very simple.

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The excess of fat in our body is something that we must always keep in mind, since this can cause various problems in the body. The amounts of fat in the body should remain at an average level, in case of reaching very high levels our body will experience the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases or the development of diseases such as diabetes.

Obesity also promotes the development of different types of cancer, fatigue and failure of breathing during sleep, in addition to joint problems such as osteoarthritis, which causes severe pain and stiffness in the extremities.

For this reason, the development of an exercise routine is essential to maintain good health. If we want to have a routine that fits the capabilities of our body, one of the most effective training is HIIT training.

The benefits of HIIT training to lose fat are quite extensive and it is one of the most effective forms of training due to its hardness and versatility in the exercises that compose it.

What is HIIT training?

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Also known as high intensity training, it is a type of training that is responsible for exploiting the capabilities of our body by performing exercises that affect several muscles at the same time, carried out in a number of series with little recovery time, in this way the body is taken to the limit obtaining better results.

The benefits of HIIT training to lose fat can be done in two ways, anaerobic and aerobic. The anaerobic training is in charge of exploiting our body to the maximum with complex exercises, where all the muscles of the body are worked in difficult series of exercises. Anaerobic means no oxygen, so in this training only a break of approximately 15 seconds is available.

Aerobic training specializes in much more extensive training sessions, which can last approximately 3 or 4 minutes of continuous execution, maintaining a much lower level of fatigue compared to the anaerobic method.

What are the benefits of HIIT training to lose fat?

HIIT training has two very important characteristics that make it a very effective method of training. This has the ability to retain and increase the amount of muscle mass that our body has, while burning the existing fat in our tissues.

As well as providing a calorie burn that is done much faster compared to traditional training methods.

This type of training has the ability to increase the physical strength of the individual, which over time will be able to maintain or extend training periods, which is very effective for athletes, since it allows them to exercise their activities for longer periods of time. In this way, they are able to increase their level of muscle mass and maintain their physical capacity.

It has a post-exercise effect, in which, by performing the exercises, the body's metabolism is accelerated in such a way that it continues burning calories passed 24 hours after doing the exercises.

The benefits of HIIT training to lose fat are more effective when combined with a healthy diet that involves a higher calorie intake, this allows our body to develop much more muscle tissue in a faster way.


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I remember HIIT training fro many years ago, but havent done it for years thanks for an interesting post


It's an excellent method to lose fat, and you can combine a lot of exercises! Very fun but exhausting. Thank you for your comment!


Ohh yes I was slim and fit back then

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