Low-bar Sumo Deadlift

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We only low bar at the gym, so for doing deadlifts, it's a little harder so I chose to do sumo deadlift.

I read different articles to get some techniques on bar positioning, stance, etcs. Everyone has their own style, really depends on what you're most comfortable with.

I started with 120 pounds but only did one rep then a quick rest. I think I only did it twice, am so weak, I know! 😅

I noticed my forms wasn't right so I had to decrease the weight to 110, did 3 reps and last workout 100 pounds doing 5 reps . So, I did deadlifts for 30 minutes, and that's my whole weight training

What's your favorite deadlift style?



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staying Fit 💙 ♬

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Cool! You have an amazing athletic body. I am inspired :)

Nice squeeze at the top!

Something you might want to try is to put an even stack of plates under each side of the weights on the bar so it is elevated like a normal bar. Really helps to save the low back from bending too much when working with a low bar.

I like Stefi Cohen’s how to sumo deadlift videos. She’s super strong = very efficient