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There are lots of options out there for sports and activity training these days. I'm a Garmin fan myself. I currently wear the Fenix 5S. I love this watch. I bought it on frequent flyer points after all my work travel last year. It's a smart watch, so the notifications from my phone show up on the screen. I leave my phone on silent, always, as I know when I'm getting a call through my watch.

I'm able to modify the face since it;s a digital output. I use this face:

Image Source

I find it gives me all the information I'm interested in at once glance - the time (who'd have thought!), date, steps, heart rate, sunrise & sunset. These fields can be modified as well if you want to show something else. I love this watch because when I travel I have my heart rate monitor on my wrist. I can ride, swim, run, walk and do many other activities and measure it.

The face on each of the activities can be modified as well - for instance for cycling if you have a cadence meter you can show that, with elevation, heart rate, distance, time etc.

I also like that it measure my sleep and heart rate variability, which are good measures of my general health. I can tell if my all day stress levels are too high for a few days in a row that O need to back off, or I will get sick. It gives me recovery times from exercise based on my effort levels! It really is a coach in a watch.

I automatically sync my activities with Strava. It's a brilliant platform that ties a social aspect in with performance stats and training measurements.

As I said earlier, there are heaps of options to measure your physiology and performance these days, but that


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