Few Minutes Exercise With Huge Fitness Benefits.

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It's probably not easily achievable to keep your calorie intake under control. Our busy routine doesn't give us much choice over the meal selection either. We settle for low-junk food often as much as we would love and the body has but to work with the resources made available to it even though they cause some negative effect.

Our health is at risk!
But there is an incredible readily available easy shortcut to help the body improve and adjust itself in a self-induce manner without the cost of resources "Exercise".

The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasised and those who have tasted the reward are always longing for more. But the majority are still not making use of this free self-posses tool.

Leave all worries aside, it will only take some few minutes to engage in this short but powerful exercises.

Press/Push Up


Watching a person inaction doing this exercise might make it looks difficult, but it actually easier than you think, you just need to know your current strength and go up one level at a time. You can start with just 10 push up for three days, increase it to 15 afterward take it a little bit higher from there and you will be surprised at the number you can go if you allow your body to steadily build itself.

The Benefits of Press Up Includes

  • Increase Functional Strength via Full Body
    Activation. ...
  • Muscle Stretching for Health and Vitality. ...
  • Enhance Your Cardiovascular System. ...
  • Increase Whole Body Muscle Definition –
    HGH Promotion. ...
  • Protect Your Shoulders from Injury. ...
  • Improve Your Posture. ...
  • Prevent Lower Back Injuries. ...
  • Save Time While Cultivating a Strong Body
  • Increase Testosterone and Reduce
    Osteoporosis Development.

Sit Up


What a perfect choice to build up your abs quickly and make that shyish naughty pack come out revealing the potential size they have been hiding.
It preferable advised starting your sets with this exercise very early in the morning, performing this exercise after dinner might eventually lead to a running stomach for some individual and that wouldn't be a pleasant experience. As per the normal rule, go up the level one step at a time and leave a day or two out for body repair-function.
This exercise is performed by lying flat your back on the floor, a mat or on your bed, putting your two hands on your head, raising your two knee to bend in front of you while the feet lie on the floor, then trying to sit up while maintaining the position of your legs.

Some Benefits Includes

  • strengthening of your core and stabilizing muscles
  • greatly help to increase flexibility and range of motion
  • having a better posture and reduced risk of getting a back strain or injury
  • calory burner and easily gained abs.



One of my favorite to easily gain a much noticeable balance during a walk or while standing.
This exercise trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks, quadriceps femoris muscle and some part of the lower body.
This exercise is performed as illustrated in the picture above and serve a major benefits of enhancing the pelvic, thigh and leg regions.

These 3 set of exercise might take less than 5 minutes to perform but their benefits is up to a higher level, You will experience their immediate effect as you will have a better mood and notice a clear and open mind.
Now you have no excuses to work not out your body. You will be doing yourself a great favor. Just be consistent!

Tell me which of the exercise you find more appealing and love doing or will be doing most in the comment box.


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