How can I stay fit without going to a gym?

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Exercising is the right way to keep your body fit and healthy. However, the work that is piled up in the office or there are other reasons makes us not have time to exercise, whether in the open arena or in the fitness center or gym.

Launching the Times of India, Monday (01/26/2015), without actually exercising our bodies can stay fit and healthy provided they routinely carry out a number of simple activities. Like dinner two hours before going to bed until cooking your own lunch menu that will be eaten in the office.

Dinner two hours before going to bed will be digested very well by the body, so that less fat in the stomach and we also become lethargic. When you wake up in the morning, try to get up half or one hour faster than usual, and cook healthy food for yourself.

When arriving at the office, avoid using elevators and use stairs. If you feel the floor where you work is too high, you may use the elevator but go down five or six floors before the floor where you work.

Indeed, using stairs at first is a difficult job. When done regularly, the body will get used to that healthy activity.

Most important is to avoid being too stressful. How, listen to music, read, or do your hobbies. Don't think too much about things that make you stressed. Create a conducive environment in the office, so that you are free from stress.

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