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Nutrition in the body is always our theme, and more specifically for the new GYM training, nutrition knowledge in particular and all the bodybuilding knowledge in general is very limited. In this article, I only cover the most basic issues in bodybuilding and step by step help you change the habits of eating and drinking for the work life.


Exercise is the first necessary condition for muscle to develop and bring about a change in appearance, but nutrition is enough to determine whether you succeed or fail. People want to live and work should eat, but eat how to eat is not wise people do not know. Trong course bạn mới, so I will not cite the technical terms to catch you have to calculate the required calories, BMR index and set themselves a menu. After all you have full bodybuilding knowledge then you will naturally do. Now, you just have to change a little bit about your nutritional habits that everything is fine.


Carbohydrate - Protein - Fat
Carbohydrates, carbohydrates, starches These are the different names of the same substance that we later call carb, which is what we eat most often in life, rice, rice, bread, noodles, rice noodles, rice dumplings, dumplings, sugar ... all kinds of products when entering the body to produce the same substance is glucose, this is a very substance. Important to the body but if we control them are not good, it is easy to cause obesity, for this you should note absolutely do not eat sweets: sweet candy, soft drinks, drinks contains lots of sugar

Protein or protein This is a very important substance in building muscle development, proteins are present in many foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk. You need to eat this type of food to meet the needs of the body, but should eat lean meat (low fat) to maintain health and maintain athletic performance.

Fat or fat is both a friend and a foe to us, you absolutely should not eat saturated fat or animal fat (except fatty fish is a good fat to heart. circuit). Keep in mind that fat in your daily diet, a small amount of fat also gives you a great deal of calories that affect your weight management.

Why Increase or Reduce Weight?
The three substances in our body produce an energy level, if this level of energy is higher than what we need, they will accumulate in the form of fat, we will be fat, This amount is smaller than we need to lose weight. Therefore, it is not easy to eat what is right for us. Have you asked me how to do weight training? How do you lose weight? The problem lies in this place of nutrition. Thereby, you will find that bodybuilding, GYM, fitness is a miracle method to help the sick to gain weight, fat people lose weight, the body just getting better ... the important thing is to know Nutrition for the right purpose. After this I will write more articles in depth with the bodybuilding nutritional expertise, and the new bodybuilding, do not hurry to be patient!

Change to eating habits

Eat 6 meals a day Vietnamese eating habits are every 3 hours, noon, afternoon. In Saigon, there is one more night meal, which is not good at all. Why so? Before I eat wrong? Sorry to inform you that you are wrong. Do you see? Bodybuilding now brings you a smart eating concept. The food is not naturally absorbed but needs to be digested through the digestive tract from the tooth to the intestine. Do you chew gum a lot when you have teeth? Your body needs to have different digestive enzymes to digest food, and unfortunately the enzyme volume is limited at one time so that the food you eat at one time will not be digested. Eat out, cause a waste and your digestive system will have to handle and eliminate the food. This is unwise first. Now I suppose that you absorb 100% of that food into the body at the same time with a large amount of energy generated in the body, our body will "save" a little, a little will turn into reserve fat. This is the second wild I want to say. It would be nothing if we split the meal into six meals and each meal was 3-4 hours apart and did not eat well.

Eating full of substances in a meal this is extremely important, many friends think that a glass of mulberry is a meal is not right, a meal here must be full of ingredients: protein, carbohydrates and fat In a meal, you have starch (rice, noodles, noodles ... vegetables, fruits), protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk ...) and 1 Small amounts of good fats (some good omega fats for the heart). Of course, do not eat well, near the full is okay

Say no to alcohol if you miss any alcoholic drink, then take a 24-hour break to the gym room, if not dangerously unpredictable impact on his life. If you are to avoid alcoholic drinks, it is not good for training

Drink plenty of water whenever possible, maintaining a large amount of water in your body will be good for you. You will understand why when you step through the first 2 months

Eat more fruits, vegetables to provide vitamins and fiber, you need to eat a variety of different fruits and vegetables to balance the nutrition, however you should not eat too many fruits have a sweet taste.



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Eating a full balanced diet will make all the difference! Also, drink a gallon of water a day! With these small changes, and a ton of exercise, you will start to see your body change over time to a healthier physique!

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