Missing the good old habits: a breakdance story

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How important is to value your good habits

I have been practicing breakdance for more than 12 years, and for the first time in my life, I have made a long break.

Dancing has always been my scape valve. My balance stone. Also a great way of connecting with people as well.

Its been a year and I miss it. Now I realize how easy is to overlook our good habits. My biggest mistake is taking them for granted. Habits are like anything else, you must take care of them.

No excuses

Its been a tough year, so what? No excuses. Yes I had to reinvent myself professionally, learn tons of new stuff related to web development. In combination with some additional personal issues I had the perfect combo for becoming obsessed with some specific goals and forgetting about everything else.

Never again

Having a poor social and health balance is not a choice kids. It is just not worth it. Our body is our temple, and even if we hate people sometimes, we still need them. Happy 2018.

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Impressive, man! I like your idea of taking care of habits. My cornerstone is Tai Chi, similar to breakdance in refining movement for movement's sake and for balance and skill. It seems like an interesting contrast... Tai Chi could be described as an internal exercise or meditation, while breakdance in how you describe it seems to connect you with others externally. Outside of caring for the habit, what about dancing specifically motivates you?

Dude that question is so spot on. I have long meditated on that same question. Once, I came to the conclusion that often I do train and improve my moves in order to make them more beautiful externally (to the observer).

Then I realized I didnt want it to be focused externally only; it felt wrong. The desire should be to also to enjoy the move from an internal perspective.

What I mean is, I want to enjoy the sensations, I want to feel my body and experiment the fly of my body.

At the end of the day, whatever dance you dance: "dance to express, not to impress"

If you love what you do, you don't need or make excuses. Forcing yourself to do something will only be temporary. Dedication is temporary. People that are "dedicated" actually enjoy what they are doing so its no problem. Great post, keep it up @muscleroast.com

lol I couldnt agree more!

Wah that's badass brother, the skills required by a breakdancer is needless to say admirable 🙏🏼

Actually did a little bit of breakdance myself for 2 years when I was young, only remember the basic moves but I do believe much of my acrobatic and movements skills are a product of those early years of breakdance.

Crush it in 2018 brother👊🏼

Otherwise, if you're into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around! :)

i haven't seen moves like this in years, thank you for bringing back some real good memories...

Haha come on, tell me more!

Keep pushing it !

I went to my first breakdance competition last year - my friend was competing and he won for the UK! I had a great time - it's so important to folow your passion, look forward to more of your posts

Yes I ve always been pretty stuborn about my passions. Probably the only positive stubbornness one can have. Btw ive been checking ur posts, you sound like a ENTP woman. Do you know myer briggs personality system?

I checked it out yesterday but apparently I am INFP! Reading through it makes sense but I have to be honest I think at a different point in my life I would have answered the questions differently. Glad you are positively stubborn! :D

Great post dude, be fitness, be life!!!

Keep up the good work man!

Thanks mate, ill try sticking with 2 days a week training!

great athletism brother....

Please upvote my posts if you like it 🤗

Awesome.... Superb. I mean how u did that.. it is great. You are doing very nice. I wish I could do that.. but trust me loved your dance . I would like to see more.

Haha thanks mate! That move takes a lot of trainning but I must say its worth the effort! I will upload some more videos in the future. THanks for the appreciation!

Yeah sure... I'm looking forward to it. I'm following you so that I can get notification of your every post... I really loved this one.. hopefully I will see more with a bit more dance.

Dude, that is crazy! I went through a "break-dancing" phase which resulted in me hurting my wrist. Gotta say I wish I had stuck with it though.

It is never too late! Thanks @crossley!

I think about it that the breakdance is very important as a good habbit not only for the kids and the young people... the mind and the body in the best relation for have an excellente and healthy grow

Yes I have been a dance teacher of kids myself and I think any kind of dance is super healthy for kid development. Body expression and creativity is slightly different from mental, and should be properly supported and developed.

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break dance is very good for the body, it helps to slim down, leaving it for a while does not make you amateur, keep it up .....

that 's awesome ... I love it !! :-)

Its a good habit to awake early morning achieve you daily goals always priority on exercise.

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Keep the good work Dan!

Well said man!

Very cool! I've always had an appreciation for breakdancing/dancers. How come you decided to take a break from breakdancing if it was something that was making you happy, wouldn't it also help relieve you from stress that you were going through?

Life puts you sometimes in wierd spots. I dont know, it was a combination of moving to a different city, being super busy with a new job, not being in the mood for looking for a new group... As you can see I am pretty good at making up good excuses

Haha maybe do like the nike commercial and “just do it!” At least that’s what I tell myself when I make too many excuses. 😆

good that hope to see more about i am a bboy as well @michhart hope to share some videos soon

Hey mate, let me know if you upload any video!

very true bro , thanks for sharing

Thanks for yor post, it has been informative.

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