Morning workouts

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The best workouts are always the ones that do not drain us of our energy and give a good feeling of our physique. Workouts in the mornings are a niche in itself in the fact that we have the whole day ahead of us to feel the goodness and reap the benefits of our workout. So, it is very essential that certain measures be taken to feel great after a morning workout because the muscles have to re-grow and gain strength after a strenuous fitness regime. Over-stressing will result in spasm and soreness, which will defeat the purpose of the routine. 

The euphoria of an energetic workout may tempt us to further push our levels and try our hands and legs on exercises that drain us off which is the first mistake that must be avoided. After a morning workout session, the heartbeat rate must pacify itself. This is because we do not want a palpitating heart forever which is very uncomfortable to deal with, not to mention unhealthy. 

It is advisable to do simple stretches immediately after the morning workout because the muscles stretch during the workout and contract at the same rate after the workout. Hence a heavy morning workout implies heavy contraction, which may lead to shrinking. This mandates the necessity for light stretches after which we will feel brisk, fresh and great after a morning workout. So jog off to work, ride a bicycle, and enjoy the fruits of labor.
Workout naturally results in working the water out of the body. Morning is considered to be the best period to work out, but that is also the time when the body is yearning for water. So it is absolutely essential that we stay hydrated during the exercise duration and more necessarily after the workout, throughout the day.
Instead of protein or carbohydrate-rich drinks that may sometimes nullify the purpose of our fitness regime, it is better to drink at least 4 glasses of water more than the usual consumption, for there is no greater elixir of life than the clear liquid itself. It is the artery through which nutrients are circulated in the body after a perfect workout and we don’t want to wag our tongues for want of water. Instead, we want to feel the flow of strength and potential that is begotten by a good morning workout. 

If there is one great benefit of morning workout that stare into our face, then it is the food pattern that can be easily followed. To feel great after a morning workout, we must eat very soon after the workout. The perfect timing would be within 1 hour of doing the workout, which would be a cakewalk for us because we can have our breakfast within 1 hour of the workout.
The nemesis, in other words, the 3-letter villain FAT should be avoided during the breakfast session because fat slows down digestion, which is the complete opposite of our intent. Intake of proteins and carbohydrates is highly recommended because carbohydrates provide the much-needed glucose to refurbish our muscles and give us that pep to start our day with enthusiasm, feeling great about ourselves. In short, any food that helps in easy digestion of food is preferred because our ultimate requirement is energy and not to be a storehouse of unwanted fat.
Even without a workout, it is rejuvenating to take a hot water bath. With a workout, it is a treat to bath in hot water to feel all the stress ebbing away. The reason behind this is that, hot water dilates the muscles and immediate cold-water bath contracts the blood vessels. This vacillation between hot and cold water will clean up the tissues and helps get rid of impurities. 

It is not enough to have a great morning workout, it is absolutely important to feel great after a morning workout and all these steps are necessary to aid in our quest for a healthy and happy living. 


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