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"Sore muscles and throbbing legs means body to die for"

Hola there! Before anything else i'm gonna share to you the starting point of my fitness life.

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It all began in my grade 10 junior high moments I’ve weight 59 kilos and after knowing how heavy I am I kinda get conscious about my body. Those moments are when I transferred back to my old school in my hometown from Manila when I am in manila our refrigerator is always full. All snacks are presents chips, bread, ice cream, chocolate and any unhealthy food. Worse thing is our cabinet of foods have never got empty so my eating is also unlimited, all those foods is new to me and I have an attitude that I want to experience everything and eat all the food. I even got a point that a one full of stick O chocolate container was emptied by me in just one seating. I got so addicted to chocolates and ice cream, one night I experience literally sleeping with an ice cream container. Since I’m a rice lover so I never decline a meal with a lot of rice and carbs menu with it. So imagine all of those foods. Goodness gracious I eat like a pig. I know it’s gross.

While I’m stuffing my face with food I didn’t know that I gain so much weight already, although my mother always told me that I’m getting fat and stopping me to eat I still didn’t give any attention to her. When I return to my hometown it’s the only time that I stop my crazy eating habbit. Back there all my friends teases me on how fat I become, and even my boy friends told me that I look so big, like the heck no boys must told a lady that they’re fat that’s a big fat insult straight to there heart. So after all those realizations and bullies I receive I have come to a thought to get back to my old skinny self. However my thought just become a thought I didn’t even get a plan on it. I mean its hard to say no for foods right?.

One day I suddenly think about my dream work which is me being a flight attendant, then I imagine myself on those fit clothes. I instantly cringe at my fat self wearing those tight blouse with all my fat belly getting out. After the gruesome picture in my head I immediately thought that no airlines would accept me. So that nightmare of me not being able to be a future attendant haunts me. And there I found my drive to get fit and start losing weight.
On my first week I struggled so much in declining ice cream, chocolates and softdrinks. I even started to skip my meals and replace it with yogurt or just an oatmeal. My first exercise that I did is skipping ropes, my goal is to do 500 jump ropes but then I didn’t accomplish it I only jump for 200 and my legs our throbbing already. But no worries first days is always like that actually what I did is a very wrong move I instantly gave myself a lot pressure and have a full blast in cardio workout.

A couple of weeks passed and I’m getting used in my daily workout, I love when I have a rush of adrenaline in my body, and the freshness I felt everytime after I finished my workout. It’s like I got a new body. My intuguing shocking point is when I started eating foods I dislike before. I learned in eating bananas or any fruits, practicing myself in drinking only water no softdrinks, chocolate drink, milk nor coffee just plain water. I even eat some vegetables meal now. Which is a miracle I don’t eat vegetables when I was young my brothers even give me a nickname “Utan”(vegetables) for me to eat some. When I drank softdrinks again I spit it out and was disgusted by the taste of it which surprise me. I even got a poin where I prefer bitter coffee than any sweet deserts. I barely eat chocolates and chips. I really changed a lot.

August 2017 is the first month of my fitness life also my diet month. And in 3-4 months I lose 9 kilos already. In that great result I planned to continue exercising and maintaining my attitude in knowing the food first before I ate it and controlling myself in those lazy couch potato nights.

So the cycle goes on, but since my school started already, I exercise 2 to three times a day, sometimes daily. So that’s how I became conscious in my health and decided to start my fitness life. Adios

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