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That more friends steemians, today I want to share with you an exquisite, energy juice, with properties desintoxicantes, which will help them to the increase of the yield in its routines inside the gymnasium and to liberate the toxins after a weekend rumba.

The same one prepares with ½ cucumber for himself, ½ artichoke and approximately 3 leaflets of spinach.

We sting them in bits and put them in the blender with approximately three water cups, if it is of your taste you place the juice of half a lemon, when it is completely crushed or liquefied spill it in a glass and you it consume half an hour before beginning your exercises routines.

Friends this energy juice I recommend 100 %, a friendly trainer suggested it to me and I began to consume it being able to state the positive results in my body.

Thanks for following, up to the next one.

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