The ultimate groundbreaking GYM motivation post. Really.

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There will always be a reason not to go to the gym. Bad day at work. Rain. Low phone battery. Meh. And hundreds more. Since you're reading this I presume you know them all too well, and so do I.

So, how do I stay motivated?

I don't. And the truth is - you don't have to either.

Motivation is simply overrated. It's this magical keyword oozing out of every fitness related Instagram post that is supposed to help you go and work out. There's so much fitness motivation online it literally makes me sick, it's jut too much. To the extent I just want to call it the m word.
See, if the m word really worked, with this insane amounts of m word posts, photos and videos we would literally be storming the gyms, showing off our perfectly carved abs at the same time.
And when exactly was the last time you saw perfectly carved abs outside of Instagram? (I know I know, people don't go around the office/mall/park with their t-shirts pulled up, but that's still a pretty good rhetorical question).

So let's leave the m word right where it belongs, between the shopped and oiled up Insta-starlets, and let's focus on what really matters. 


Just kidding.

The word is consistency.

You just need to go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week, and that's it, it's that easy! You don't need a huge ideology behind. You don't need to think much. You don't need to feel great or excited, you don't need to be pumped or motivated. Or shiny and happy. You can be super blargh and unhappy and literally drag your feet, wiping your tears with one hand and carrying your duffel bag in the other.

The key is to just do it over and over again.

It's like brushing your teeth. Do you need teeth brushing inspiration?#teethmotivation? Do you need to be pumped and excited to do it? Do you constantly think of ways and excuses to avoid it?
Does the world end if you don't brush them once in a while? No it does not, and when you skip it once you just get back on track and keep brushing them pearly whites without even thinking about it. Over and over again.

Trust me - said the random person on the Internet - it works. Give it a week or two.

You'll thank me later.


Kasia @fluff

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That's a great piece of advice!