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Break through!! For about 4 years now, I've tracked my food via Myfitnesspal (great tracking app). So here I am in Costa Rica tracking my vegetables, my rice, my pita bread...everything. Today I had a huge break through and for some of you, you may think..pffff whatever. BUT NO! Today I decided screw it, I'm so sick of tracking every gram..I'm on effing vacation people! Once I stopped tracking, BOOM...relief. My heart felt free and my stomach felt hot - it was an amazing feeling. A smile came to my face and then I realized...between competing and tracking my intake, I have not been living. My tracking has become my being and when I don't track, I feel like my life is out of order.
Now don't get me wrong, tracking works for some people, as it's worked for me for a long time but it became unhealthy for me. Tracking is also good when for example, prepping for a fitness competition. But for me, right now in my life, it's not for me.

Today I had cauliflower quiche, a falafel bowl, homemade ice cream, banana chips, and a chicken veggie stir fry. At first did I worry? Yes. My first thoughts were "how many grams of carbs do I think I'm over for my macros?" WHO CARES. I nourished my body and I feel great!!

So, at this point in my life, tracking isn't for me. I'm not competing anytime soon. For all that thinks this was a rant, sorry. But it was ENLIGHTENMENT people! I am so excited to enjoy life more and not feel isolated from friends and family. I no longer have to make excuses for why I can't go to dinner or lunch because of the fear I couldn't track to a T.

That's all ☺️ #selfcare


Good content
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Thank you!!

Can definitely give you some anxiety which usually ends in stress, which leads to high cortosol, which results in more weight. Gahhh. Good for you enjoying your vacation girl! 🤗

Exactly 🙈👌🏻