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in fitness •  last year


Hello Steemians this is day 30 of my 30 day challenge and I did it. It was first time when I had training 30 days in a row. What I can say I ran in these 30 days 313,32 km with average peace 5'15". Also I managed to lose 2,8 kg and now my weight is like it was 10 years ago.

So today only have run tried to manage 90%, but unfortunately untied dog braked me.

And of course proof that my heart exploded.

So whats now?
I will probably take a break for two days maybe more, but from next week I am starting 5km run every working-day and Monday, Wednesday and Friday i will do some exercises, still can't reside run or not to run half marathon in 17. September.

OK stay tuned for news and get out for some endorphin's.

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