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🦁 Iron Lion Lifestyle 🦁

Hey what’s going on my fellow Steemians it’s been a while since last time I’ve posted Any content on Steem . Due to legal issues and accounts being hacked , my content is well over do ...

But here I am back like I never left ... With some Ways to get you in shape for Summertime ☀️

Question: Do you want to know how I got my Abs , without doing a single floor crunch ?


🦁 Planks !

  1. Full Plank - (30-60) Seconds


  1. Elbow Plank - (30-60) Seconds


  1. Side Plank - (30-60) Seconds [Each Side]


  1. Raised Leg Plank- (30-60) Seconds [Each Leg]


Beginners = 1 Set
Intermediate = 2 Sets
Advanced = 3 Sets

You can check me out on IG - @Tash_Lion
You can witness my routine on SnapChat - @ironlion93

#OperationBeachbod Let’s get sexy for the summertime!

Get involved with our training and meal plans @ Iron Lion’s Discord Channel


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