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Kydra Athletics 2-in-1 Flex Shorts 3.0 Review

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That is a flipp'n awesome idea. We need some kind of validation on steem for bloggers etc. who are well known on other platforms. There's one on here posting Grant Cardone stuff that claims to be Grant, but I'm not so sure. There are accounts for a lot of well known personalities that don't have any activity on here as well.

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Hey buddy! Thanks for the awesome feedback and yeah a validation process would be great as I've recently joined the Steemit network and love to share my thoughtful travel stories and gear reviews to a community of readers.

I've added my steemit account to my facebook, youtube and on the bottom of each post the link to my website. It seems to be on a post by post basis.

Thanks for the great feedback and hope thy will implement something in the near future.

Keep Being Awesome,
One Tech Traveller