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RE: Power Up Fitness Challenge!

in #fitness3 years ago

I need to do this! I'm finally working out a little more, but I need to step it up. I'm slightly afraid to do a conscious challenge, though, since that always seems to bring out my WORST! I mean seriously, what is that about? I do worse when I actually join a challenge...

I don't have time to write at the moment (I'm off to my grandson's birthday party in a minute) but I do want to come back to this and commit to something.


Girl, we can help you break that cycle of Challenges bringing out your worst. We’ll be along side of you encouraging and cheering you on. Plus, you can choose whatever workout fits your lifestyle. Let me know how I can help you :)

Thank you. I will work on a plan/schedule tomorrow and officially write it out and all that! I've kind of got a couple of other challenges going on that should lend well to blogging and focusing on the mental/emotional side as well.

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