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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
Do you sit up and hit the snooze button just to go back to bed?
How do you feel after your brain worked the whole night?

The mind is the hardest working muscle in your body.
I notice some emotions that are not particularly pleasant when you are aware of your emotions and see them for what they are, you are on the first step taming the mind= aka controlling yourself.

Introduce yourself to your feelings.
Hello, Sadness
How are you doing? Fear
I see you, anger

Understand they are there, ignoring them does not make them go away. Just be aware.
Only now you can understand what of why you are going through, emotions can be powerful they can take hold over you, then emotions are the ones in control, not you.

My meditation Notes:
I feel like there needs to be accountability for my actions deep down.

My reason for meditation is to become a better man, person, and father.

Truth is my heart is broken and my spirit as well.

I sought control over my environment without knowing I never had any control over myself.

I feel guilty and have remorse, for my transgressions I want to understand.

I miss my child and regret times I wasted stuck in my own head.

I even miss the person I called my wife and how I never told her I wanted how much I wanted to have another child with her or how much I wanted to be her partner in life.

I understand that you cannot change the past nor can you change another person.

You can change.

Jordan Peterson - Clean Up Your Room!
improve your integrity. pull yourself together, the mind needs to be fixed before you can take your next step.

I Included a link if anyone is interested in the subject.

Thank you for reading. Please take note I use my blog for sharing my thoughts and for documenting purposes. They are my thoughts and opinions and are not used as spoken facts or rules to live by.

just me and my ramblings ....

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