HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

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Ever heard of HIIT? It is proven to be one of the most effective exercising techniques used to burn off body fat. On days where you go to the gym for say, thiry minutes to an hour, immediately following conduct thirty minutes of HIIT to really activate your bodys' supply of extra fat being stored.

Whenever you workout for roughly that period of time, your body burns all of the extra sugar flowing through your bloodstream. Making it the perfect moment to conduct such exercises. Some of these may include short bursts of sprints, box jumps, or working with heavy chains or ropes. Breif but extremely effective.

Here is an example of what a HIIT session would look like in the ways of a workout plan, first jump squats, this is where you do a full body squat and while you are going up to complete the rep, you jump a moderate distance up, complete 15-20 reps per set. Follow this up with Box jumps, moderately hard for your physical limitations, not too hard, complete around 12-15 reps in a quick fashion.

Now on to a much harder task, after completely 5-8 sets of those exercises, move on to a treadmill if you have access to one, start at a jogging pace, 7.5 MPH or so. This is an interval training exercise, you put it at a sprinting pace for thirty seconds, full on sprint and go back down to your jogging speed for a minutes worth of rest, do these six times, increase/decrease where you see fit. Note: This can always be done at a field, track, or gym, they all do the same thing.

Now to finish out this session end with something not as hard as the treadmill sprints, however, now time to incorperate the upper body, this will be switching between push-ups and sit-ups. Complete 5-8 sets of both, the first exercise is going to be the push-ups, complete the push-up, if you are able to give a small to medium sized leap after to force your muscles to really get engaged. Grab a weight and a decline bench for this next one, preferably I use a 45lbs plate, you can use a 25lbs, what you prefer. You are going to complete a sit-up, then immediately turn that into a Russian Twist. Complete 8-12 reps per set, 5-8 sets.

This is a typical workout for a HIIT session, if you found this information useful feel free to share this and give it an upvote. If you have any questions about anything feel free to let me know in the comments and I would be glad to answer, if you want content similar to this leave a follow. My name is Ateazi, thank you for reading my post!

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very usefull article @ateazy to remain people to give attention to their own body, :)

Thank you! I appreciate you giving your time to read the article and give feedback :)

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