Brisk walking to fit the body

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It does not mean that the body is healthy, it is a serious impact on personal and professional life. But do not have a walking pair to fit the body. The walk can prevent high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes control, and heart disease. But how many or how much you have to walk-it does not know many? The easiest way to do this is to walk the brisk so that you have to walk a little faster. For this, the house can be chosen in the courtyard or in the fields, parks, open roads and even the roof of the house. Experts say, if you do not work in a gym, it will work as a medicine.

The rules:

♦ First take light exercise, then start walking.

♦ Slowly, not too fast, walk in the middle of the speed. According to the US Center for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC), the walking speed will be at least 3 miles per hour or one mile in 20 minutes.

♦ This walk is 100 times in a minute. That means more than once per second.

♦ During walking, the heart's spontaneity should be faster than normal and breathing will be frequent.

♦ Sweat out of the body and the feeling of exercise will be.

♦ Walking straight so that the head or shoulders should not move towards the ground during walking.
The shoulder should be kept as relaxed as possible.

♦ Clothing and shoe pair should be as fit and comfortable as a walk.

♦ Look straight forward and walk.

♦ Put the arms out of the elbow in the angle so that they do not cross each other.

♦ Keep the palms of hands relaxed as far as possible.

♦ Put a bottle of water in the course of the walk while keeping yourself hydrated.

♦ Follow the appropriate diet after walking.

♦ Walk five days a week for half an hour.


♦ Blood circulation is good in the body.

♦ Keeps body and mind.

♦ Keeps the age-related problems a long time.

♦ Keeps the brain active.

♦ Controls cholesterol.

♦ Keeps kidneys good.

♦ Controls diabetes and high blood pressure. As a result of walking, the muscles may maintain the balance of bladgouge level by using good glucose and insulin in the body.

♦ The risk of cardiovascular disease decreases because the muscles and lung muscles are strong.

Every day walks in accordance with the rules, there is 200 calories decay that helps in reducing excess weight including fat.

Helps in cancer prevention. During side effects of chemotherapy, many side effects can be avoided.


♦ Walk with your age and fitness level.

♦ Do not feel uncomfortable during walking while walking.

♦ Keep pace with the same speed. Suddenly do not increase or decrease the speed.

♦ Not listening to listening to music on mobile, Walking around for half an hour with a clock.

♦ Dieting properly with calorie control.

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