Way to go @andysantics! You and @mineopoly are settin’ yourselves up for a great week with a quick start!

WO2 done -27.10mins xtrainer - 19 normal - 4mins fast - 3mins 3 res - 1min cool down.
Traveled 1.5kms 104 cals burned
Going further :)

Ok so I haven't posted for the last couple of days coach but I have been doing some strength exercises both days. I'm looking to strengthen my lower back - Do you have any exercises you can share with me?
I only have to do todays to complete the week :)

Hi @andysantics, my favorite at-home exercise for the back is arch body holds (aka Superman). Gradually building up the length of time you can hold it to 1:00. I’ll be tallying up the workouts in about 20 hrs, it looks like you have your five done, is that correct?

Hi @andysantics! I wasn’t sure if you completed the workout you mentioned above or not. Since I’m writing it up now, I’m going to count it as not, but if you actually did just let me know and I’ll change it :)

Woo hoooooo!!!! Go @andysantics48!!!!