A Day for Calisthenics Training

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Every city or town should have a least one public calisthenic park. These parks are usually not easy to find unless they are largely promoted by their locals but there is a good one found in the suburb of Elwood, #Melbourne, #Australia. I will show you a quick demonstration of this park and what you can do here.

This park has long straight bars at different heights, mixing with parallel bars and a vertical ladder, The straight bars are at the perfect height to do all sort of #calisthenic movements and the parallels are solid for a training with a thick grip. Interestingly, the floor is made of a soft material, great for warmups, jumps and landings on barefoot.

After a dynamic warmup, working through a full range of motion movements. We were ready to start with a full body workout exploring a larger group of muscles on #functional strength movements. These exercises will also strengthen grip and wrists for #pull-ups, traps for #handstands and core where these are key to support bigger #muscle groups.

On every exercise, the main focus is to perform them in a perfect form and to achieve technical failure. Some essential key points are hand placement on a straight bar for pull-ups and muscle-ups. Keep thumbs under the bar and all other fingers fully engaged, this way will help to engage forearms for a stronger grip.


Additionally, wrists should aim to be positioned at a 45-degree angle rather than being under the bar. Palms will wrap the bar completely avoiding leaving any gaps, as it will increase power transfer from body to bar for an explosive pull.

There are plenty of strength skills to develop in a calisthenics park where anyone can start training to get stronger and look fit. These exercises are just a few of hundred options to train for but still will give great body conditioning, as Elwood park has a great set of bars for anyone who wants to give a try. You are welcome to check this park and talk about your exercise routine.

This park is located in Bay Trail, Point Ormond, Elwood


First set

  • 8, 6, 4, 2 x Parallel dips with L-sit holds
  • 10 x Straight bar pull-ups
  • 40sec x Alternating single leg squat jumps

Second set

  • Max Straight bar dips
  • 15 x Toes to bar
  • Max Chest to bar pull-ups

Third set

  • 12 x Pike pushups
  • Max Muscle-ups
  • 10 x Front levers

Last set

  • Practice your favourite or weak exercise


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i wish there would be more of these parks in the world.. and also more people using these..in Germany for example these "Spielplätze" are only considered to be for kids which is a shame


@tezcatlipoka I think same thing, I tried to find parks like this in New Zealand a few months ago and had no luck. They should be common as are useful

Great to see you back on Steemit! The market appears to be on the up again, so it's happy days in crypto land :)

We are in France now and with the arrival of Spring I am turning my attention back to my body. I set up the TRX yesterday and today I can feel my muscles speaking to me again.

All the best to you!


Hey legend! I had Steemit on my Agile kanban board but stayed in the backlog for too long. I am back!
Great to hear you've got the TRX and living in France. I am still in Bali training and enjoying the pain of Crossfit. All best too, cheers!

Wow those exercise are killers! I can't even managed the front lever so far. Great park for calisthenics lover btw.


They are really cool to train! Try to use a thin powerband when practicing the front levers. Yes I wish there are more calisthenics parks everywhere


Yeah the resistance band is the ultimate tip here. I got the same tip from a calisthenics youtuber as well. Definitely will get one soon.

Same, I wish there is more bars in the public area. That's what people need to unlock true strength.

Nice park! Would be nice, if in my city a nice park for calisthenics could show up :D


It is! those parks give us the option to get away from gym indoor boxes. Training on outdoors is awesome


There you can enjoy weather and people without the need of any gym. Gym might be nice, if it is raining, but training in the nature provides a ways better feeling :)

Every day is a day for calisthenics! Thanks for your guide :)


Thanks Patriot! if you visit Melbourne don't doubt to check it out.


Okay. I definitely will make an attempt to if I ever visit .

Thanks for sharing that calisthenic routine. Take a look to our blog, we are a calisthenic and street workout team from Venezuela. See you ;)