coachjj helped by reminding me of my own commitment. I lend her 0.5 SBD and let her know how my work out is going. If I keep it my routine for 5 days and post it here then she will return or renew the membership I guess.

I will participate and then post my fitbit results :-)

Oh man... You are totally fit already. I cannot say anything on this field. You are better than me.

Haha :-) I'm just good at buying gadgets :-)

Welcome @alketcecaj! You should join us! We commit (by investing 0.5sbd) to doing any workout we choose 5 days a week (from your Sunday through Saturday). If you do it, you’ll get your money back at the end of the Challenge. If not, it goes into the pot for the Most Inspiring challenger. I’ll tag you in the next post if you’re interested?


Are you interested too @datatreemap? You’re more than welcome to join us!

I will let @alketcecaj join you in this :-)

Haha ok I'm in :-)

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