Got ya @alketcecaj! First things first, no more calling yourself lazy, redefine yourself. Next, set a clear, measurable goal. Third, schedule days and times you’ll workout, then keep those dates. You can do this.

Ok, I will try to do it! Now I have also the motivation :-)

How’s it coming @alketcecaj? Can I help in any way?

It is going just great ! Here is my fitbit screenshot for today :-) I also did some Zumba fitness aerobics today :-)

Wow! Great job! You don’t look lazy to me!!

This is Workout 1 for the week, correct? Just need to accomplish 5 total before Sunday!

I hope that I will make it 😉 What are some advices on keeping motivation high ?

Plan! Plan! Plan! Schedule your workouts into your calendar or to do list and KEEP that appointment with yourself, no matter what. Keep the vision of what you want to achieve in front of your eyes as often as possible. Know how you want to feel once you’ve attained your goal. This will keep your excitement and motivation high.

Thank you :-) You words gave me some hints on how to keep motivation high.

How many workouts do you have done?

Nice job!!!!!! Proud of you!!!!

Noooo!!!! You will do this!!! Just begin :)
We are so happy you've joined us!!!!

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