🤸 Popping at the Park! - New AcroYoga Flow 🤸

in fitness •  3 months ago


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Today I met up with @acrobutterfly ! She just got back in town from being in Europe for the past 3 weeks! She was excited to do acroyoga today and practice something new! Check out these rad pops we are working on!

Check out the full video on @DTUBE 😎👍

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (51).gif

It was such a nice day out today!! Perfect for some acro at the park!

Thanks for watching!
Have an awesome day!



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If I make it to SF3 , teach me like thissss. I swear I will scream with less noice LOLOLOL


HECK YA!! Lets do more acro at SF3 ! We got to get out there! :)

You guys make it look so easy.
Always great to see you do the acroyoga and always having fun.


Thanks @joalvarez !
It is soo awesome getting to post it here! :)

@acromott excellent how the two train and how they understand each other in every movement. In acroyoga every movement is more interesting and always has something special. I love the safety with which they make every move. When I watch his videos, it makes me do it all at once. But it's nighttime and I don't have a partner as great as your friend. A greeting to you both. Happy night. Happy night.

Love the looping GIF from the video! I think the female has a much more challenging workout!

That would take enormous concentration and trust!


Trust is a huge part in acrobatics :)